Glen Rolofson

At Compass Investments we begin our discussion with our Personal Financial and Investment Profile. Your information guides our work together. As a Investment Advisor Representative (IAR), I am duty-bound as a fiduciary to your financial goals and investment suitability.

For suitable portfolio construction, I select individual stocks, bonds and some mutual funds which allow identification of specific performance and lack of performance.

There are many ways to try to make money; active participation in real estate; active participation in precious coins; starting a business; milking cows. My suggestion to prospective clients is that if they have a more dependable way to make money than investing in the financial markets then they should do so. Consistently making money through stock and bond investing is difficult. Every investment decision is a potential loss regardless of our best selection efforts. I use a combination of stop-losses and limited position sizes to contain negative performances.

Dividend-paying companies are the core of portfolios. In accordance with suitability, shorter-term positions in various asset classes may be used to take advantage of changes in world trends.

I hold degrees from the University of Nebraska and the University of Rhode Island. I live in Rhode Island and have client/advisor relationships across the country. Please feel free to contact me for an initial discussion.