About Compass Investments

Compass Investments LLC is first and foremost a money management firm.  Each of its advisors uses a variety of methods without specializing in any one type of service.  Secondarily, Compass advisors offer varying degrees of financial planning to its clients.  Issues typically addressed include tax implications of different investment options; how much to save for retirement or for college; reasonable withdrawal rates from an investment portfolio for those in or near retirement; whether to take out an equity loan or withdraw funds from an investment account for a needed purchase; and other topics raised by clients.  

The investment management that Compass Investments LLC provides for its clients takes into consideration each client’s individual situation.  In order to best serve the client, Compass advisors assess a variety of factors to determine an investment plan: risk tolerance, the needs of each client and/or the client’s investment goals, how many years before the client is likely to need their investment funds, how involved the client wants to be in the investment process, the likelihood of clients reaching their goals through a combination of investment returns and savings.

Compass Investments LLC
104 Park Place
Waterville, NY 13480

Mailing Address:
PO Box 308
Waterville, NY 13480

Telephone: (315) 202-4035

Download the Compass Investments LLC Firm Brochure, please click here ADV -Part 2A. (viewed best in Adobe Reader)

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