Glen Rolofson


How can we grow our money prudently?

How can we preserve our assets prudently?


Who can we trust? 

During my 25+ years in client/advisor relationships these concerns continue to remain paramount.

 My career as a financial advisor has spanned most financial instruments: insurances (various licenses 1984), mutual funds (Series 6 license in 1988), stocks and bonds (Series 7 license in 1996).

 Dividend-paying companies comprise the core of my clients’ portfolios.  Shorter-term positions in various  asset classes may be used to take advantage of targeted changes in world trends.  I subscribe to approximately twenty financial newsletters for actionable information to include in my screening processes for assessing opportunities.

If your investment objectives are asset preservation with prudent growth, please contact me.   I work with clients across the country and look forward to meeting with you.

If you would like more information and/or a copy of my latest newsletter, please contact me.

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